stugod: 13-May-2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Welcome to my turbocad blog

After a lot of thought I have decided to put a bit on this blog about me and what I do turbocad has made a lot of difference to the actual quality of my life.
It keeps my mind occupied as there always seems to be something new to try with it and the images still fascinate me as they do not exist, Well not in the physical sense as we understand things. The file associated with picture can then be used to make the sucker so it is a no brainer for anyone wanting to manufacture something.
My other passion is my pets Lilly my old dalmatian jasper a new addition who is a springer spaniel and a pain in the neck. fluff my old pudddy cat. A pond full of fish which always chills me out when I get worked up. A tank full of tropical fish which seem to diminish on an annual basis and my horses which just about takes all my time up in between my cad and internet stuff.
When you add it all up you have what I like to call a lifestyle it is not glamorous or for that matter very exciting but it is a lifestyle and I would not change it for the world.
In fact until the down turn I did not realise I had it.
So decided to add a bit of lifestyle stuff on here as cad does not float every ones boat and see if I can attract a bit more attention

Scooby wondering what all the fuss is about

New arrival at stugod land