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Thursday, 9 June 2011

LCT 7074

Just having a bit of a flash back to a time when I won a contract to convert a tank landing craft back to her D Day specification as a tank carrier. She was formerly known as the landfall a well known Liverpool nightclub. I have spoken to another previous owner George Evans and was sad to here she had sunk in Wallasey docks. At the time I carried out the conversion work she was owned by Lord Goodhart who also owned the Historic Warships Trust in Birkenhead. The work comprised the removal of a deck that had been added to make her covered This would of been the nightclub roof as the bar area was in the actual hold where tanks used to be carried.
Old concrete floors had to be taken out and these were in the form of a screed. A very clever self tipping skip was employed to remove all the debris from the hold and I wish I could remember the name of the maker as it was a clever bit of kit.
George Evans has a website that is trying to highlight this tragic and sorry site of a once proud vessel lying forgotten and abandoned.
To me it is no surprise as most people I meet seem to have the attention span of Goldfish.
On the same dock sits U534 a former German wartime submarine. Which to be fair is an awesome sight.
It portrays menace with every curve of its hull a true hunter stealthy sleek threatening.
My question is why do we leave an icon of Liberation freedom and democracy at the bottom of murky waters of East Float.
Or are we plagiarising our way to the same Historic mistakes.
Photo credits to George Evans

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